Cooperation agreement in the field of efficient and highly available drive solutions for the paper industry.

The company Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co KG (Siemens Energy) and AS Drives & Services GmbH (AS Drives) have agreed on a cooperation.

AS Drives develops and produces innovative products in the field of drive and lubrication technology for the paper industry. These include the self-developed direct motors FlexoDirect® as well as the dryer group gearboxes FlexoGear®. In addition, AS Drives offers the complete engineering for the mechanical integration as well as assembly work of synchronous machines as well as asynchronous motor-gearbox combinations. The scope of supply also includes all mechanical conversion parts such as couplings / cardan shafts incl. guards, gearboxes and steel consoles / foundation anchors.

Siemens Energy offers complete solutions in the field of drive technology, automation, electrification and digitalization based on decades of experience in the industry for the pulp and paper industry.

In the future, these complementary product portfolios of both cooperation partners will be available to the market as a complete package. For customers this means that they will receive a complete solution in the field of drive technology from a single source and that interfaces of all components will be optimally coordinated.

In addition, within the framework of the cooperation, an exchange of current innovations will take place between the respective contracting parties in order to continuously develop existing products and create additional added value. In addition, the close cooperation leads to an improved and simplified integration of the products of AS Drives with the solutions of Siemens Energy (SIPAPER).

Both cooperation parties continue to manufacture and sell products and services in their areas.


For AS Drives these are

  • Engineering (Evaluation, selection and implementation of drive solutions)
  • Direct motors (FlexoDirect®)
  • Gearboxes (FlexoGear®)
  • Lubrication technology (Lubriflex®)
  • Temperature control units (Cooliflex®)
  • Flow control for oil and water (FlexoFlow®)
  • Maintenance of gearboxes of all designs and manufacturers
  • Couplings / cardan shafts incl. guards
  • Steel brackets / foundation anchors
  • Assembly / installation management and commissioning


The range of services offered by SE includes

  • Integration of AS Drives products into the SIPAPER library (SIPAPER Drives Advance Process Library APL on SIMATIC PCS 7)
  • Power supply and distribution
  • Inverter family SINAMICS
  • Motor series (SIMOTICS)
  • Engineering of automation and control systems
  • Digitization topics
  • Commissioning