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We are constantly expanding in order to meet the growing demands and requirements of our customers.

  • 6 assembly halls with a total surface area of around 3250 m2
  • 2 office wings

At AS, we focus on sustainability with regard to energy and the environment as well. We therefore operate a cogeneration unit. A new emulsion separation facility was installed in 2020.

Furthermore, virtually every building has a photovoltaic system on the roof. Our new office building has quadruple glazed, soundproof windows and therefore meets “KFW Standard 55” without problems.

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We have a crane capacity of 40 tonnes (in hall 3) in order to also be able to process larger gearboxes. Lorries can drive directly into our halls and are unloaded there. There is also sufficient crane capacity in the remaining halls. Repaired gearboxes can be tested on a test bench that also has a straightening plate.

We have set up clean rooms especially for the electrical assemblies (e.g. FlexoFlow® and FlexoDirect®), as well as their own test benches for prototypes when constructing electrically powered machines.

Mounting device

We only use high quality tools to process gearboxes and motors.

The processing centres that we developed ourselves enable fast and efficient completion. These processing centres were tailored to the requirements of the individual drives.


as-drives-Boring mill


To process and rework components, we have:

  • A CNC lathe for internal processing purposes and to produce new shafts
  • Boring machines for gear housing rework
  • Sheet metal forming (bender, guillotine shears, belt saw)
  • Forming tools to remove connections between the spur gear and the shaft (up to 200 tonnes)
  • Washing machine to clean industrial gear parts (e.g. gear toothing, housing, etc.)
  • Fully automated surface grinder
  • Pipe bending machine, honing bench for processing cylinders
  • Milling machines


In order to always be well equipped, AS has a sophisticated tool system:

  • Mobile toolboxes for different applications (mechanical, tribology, etc.)
  • Special tools (endoscope, infrared camera, vibration meter, stroboscope, stethoscope, etc.)
  • Alignment tools (theodolite, Optalign, etc.) with annual inspection and calibration
  • Torsion and surge voltage test device for electric motors

Test bench for motors and gearboxes

We can test motors in a continuous test on our test benches. Before delivery, each motor produced by us is subjected to a 24-hour test under variable loads. This test is logged.

In addition, we can also use this test bench to subject repaired gearboxes to a test run under load.

Painting hall

Before gearboxes or motors leave our halls, they are painted professionally in our own painting hall. Each gearbox or motor therefore leaves our workshops looking shiny.


Fast reaction times are often decisive to getting a machine up and running after a drive crash. In order to always be able to react quickly, we have several personnel carriers that can be on the way to the customer quickly. Our two fully-equipped tool vehicles that have a sophisticated tool system also allow us to react on site.

Fully automated high bay warehouse

The towers are almost 11 metres high and are fully automated, computer controlled high bay warehouse systems.

This makes storage significantly easier and accelerates the removal process for picked components. An interface to the in-house ERP system (ERPAS) supplies the orders and reports the warehouse movements back. This connects inventory management and the procurement process online.

Components can be placed on trays and the storage system stores these trays completely automatically, therefore using the free space within the system in an optimised manner. This results in a total storage surface area of more than 520m².

IT and digitisation

AS has its own IT department with the motto “IT should help not hinder”. The company is equipped with a modern IT infrastructure from the client to the server. It contains powerful, needs-based IT equipment for every work station. Virtually every workstation has a multiple monitor solution and much more. Our IT landscape is being continuously improved and optimised. This includes the hardware, the software, availability and the corresponding organisation. Digitisation has not just been part of the AS company objectives for a few years.

Some examples:

  • Document management system (DMS) since 2002
  • Drawing management including connection to 2D and 3D CAD software since 2009
  • Integrated ERP system since 2012
  • Digital warehouse management and connection to the high bay warehouse system since 2016
  • And much more.

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