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AS Drives has been developing customized solutions for sophisticated drive and lubrication technologies for over 30 years. Its expertise includes the engineering and production of gearboxes and electrical machines as well as the design, planning and implementation of complex drive projects. The FlexoDirect® direct drive from AS Drives, for example, was developed specifically for the adverse conditions in a dryer group and then gradually extended to the entire paper machine and beyond. From the pulper to the reel, highly effective and durable drive solutions are now available that operate completely without gears or other wear parts.

ANDRITZ is a technology leader in the field of automation and has recognized the innovative direct drive technology of AS Drives. Through this partnership, ANDRITZ expands its offering with AS Drives’ advanced synchronous direct drives, which significantly strengthens the range and innovative power of its drive solutions for the pulp and paper industry. The cooperation enables ANDRITZ to offer its customers a complete drive portfolio that includes both traditional and state-of-the-art drive solutions.

By combining their strengths, AS Drives and ANDRITZ offer paper manufacturers comprehensive and customized solutions from a single source, from conception to implementation. The partnership promises not only technological advantages, but also a sustainable contribution to reducing the ecological footprint and thus represents a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co KG

Siemens Energy offers complete solutions in the field of drive technology, automation, electrification and digitalization based on decades of experience in the industry for the pulp and paper industry.

AS Drives develops and produces innovative products in the field of drive and lubrication technology for the paper industry.

In the future, these complementary product portfolios of both cooperation partners will be available to the market as a complete package. For customers this means that they will receive a complete solution in the field of drive technology from a single source and that interfaces of all components will be optimally coordinated.

In addition, within the framework of the cooperation, an exchange of current innovations will take place between the respective contracting parties in order to continuously develop existing products and create additional added value. In addition, the close cooperation leads to an improved and simplified integration of the products of AS Drives with the solutions of Siemens Energy (SIPAPER).

Both cooperation parties continue to manufacture and sell products and services in their areas.


AS Drives & Services GmbH is the first “Certified rebuilder” in the world to be audited and certified in the gearboxes and electric motors sector and has held this since 2019. AS Drives is therefore a preferred partner of SKF GmbH Industrial Railway (Germany).

Reasons for SKF certification / auditing

  • Check and confirmation of the high quality of our work
  • Know-how transfer (comprehensive training of AS employees by SKF)
  • Support for the customer and technical design of the bearings when developing new machines, checking existing designs and in particularly problematic situations
  • Adding value to the brand and outdoor advertising for AS Drives by using the strong “SKF” brand

Aims of the partnership

  • Productivity improvements
  • Maintenance cost reductions
  • Energy efficiency improvements (e.g. by refurbishing bearings)
  • Optimising design
  • Shortening the time until market readiness
  • Lowering total investment costs

Kühne + Vogel Prozessautomatisierung Antriebstechnik GmbH

We have been working together with this specialist company for automation and drive solutions successfully for many years.

In order to meet the ever increasing requirement for efficient complete solutions for multiple motor systems, especially in the paper industry, we agreed on a joint strategic partnership at the start of 2013.

The WebDrive+/Paper-Modules developed by Kühne + Vogel thanks to more than 30 years of experience in paper machine multiple motor drives complement the drive product range from AS Drives perfectly and provide the paper manufacturer with the decisive added value thanks to this synergy effect.

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