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Turnkey solutions for your machine

Plan with our specialists

AS Drives offers you full service when it comes to modifying drives or lubrication systems.

Our engineering department plans complex systems and shows the entire installation in a 3D Inventor model on request.

  • Drive points
  • Collision check with existing installed components
  • Pipeline planning

Drive projects

Depending on the machine, AS can always provide an appropriate drive solution, whether that involves increased speed, modernisation or the renewing of drivelines.
With its own engineering and design department, AS can devise customer-specific solutions. The very latest CAD programs make perfect planning possible as well as optimum visualisation of all construction components in 2D or 3D. When it comes to the selection of drives, AS can draw upon its own product ranges (e.g. FlexoGear®, FlexoDirect®) as well as on standard drive solutions. Also, if necessary, it can design entirely new drives.
When seeking out a solution, our designers can access the many years of experience our AS fitters have in the construction and installation of drives.
With each customer AS works out the right solution. Then, if necessary it implements the planned conversion measures with its own highly competent installation team.

Tribology projects / lubrication technology

In the tribology sector, AS provides the full package, starting with project planning, pipework configuration, the selection of all components and the installation and commissioning.
To accomplish this, experts from AS tackle all questions in advance that relate to topics such as central recirculating lubrication systems, oil flow rate control and layering units and can also assist in the choice of appropriate technology.
The AS product range includes fully automatic grease
lubrication systems, 2-line systems and progressive
AS calculates all lubrication systems and designs these in accordance with tribological factors.
With its in-house installation team, AS can assure professional installation of its new lubrication technology together with the full scope of pipeline construction and pipe-laying. This also includes inspection (e.g. seal integrity) of all installations prior to commissioning of each system.