We also optimize your drive system


AS checks drive concepts holistically for possibilities for improvement. Reasons for an improvement include

  • the analysis of recurring problems or
  • the desire for an increase in speed

AS creates an optimisation concept for each gearbox. This concept is checked, calculated and designed according to the practical case in the in-house design department.

Measures to improve a drive:

  • Required oversizes
  • Design and recalculation
  • Determination of the translation change in case of an increase in performance
  • Implementation in design and drive tables
  • Conversion/new construction of the gearing parts according to the latest guidelines (incl. gearing calculation)
  • Use of alternative and modern bearing technology (bearing calculation)
  • Manufacturing of the parts
  • Adaptation of improved lubrication technology
  • Installation of cooling coils in gearboxes
  • Coupling to new cooling systems
  • Disassembly of the old drive and professional assembly of the new drive unit