Largest gearbox ever for AS Drives & Services GmbH

The employees did not look bad when the dimensions of the gearbox could be guessed for the first time after lifting off the cover.

With about 37 tons (plus 900 kg transport frame) AS Drives almost reached the capacity limits of the two deck cranes. Together they can lift and move a maximum of 2 x 20 tons.

With these dimensions this gear is the heaviest gear AS Drives & Services GmbH had for repair in their halls in Reken.

The gear unit itself is used in a cement plant, as drive of a rotary kiln. With a ratio of 178:1 it achieves a torque at the output shaft of approx. 500,000 Nm.

AS Drives has now the task to dismantle this gear, to measure the gearing and then to renew and modify the bearings and gearing parts. The reason for the repair is wear on the bearings, the gearing parts and the clutch.