We are all for our company

We get work done

With more than 130 employees, AS Drives & Services GmbH is one of the largest employers in Reken, which can be attributed to sustainable growth. And we want to continue to grow.

  • Secure job
  • Healthy growth
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Little bureaucracy
  • Right to have a say
  • Open culture of discussion

Who will be the next apprentice?

We enable young people to start their careers and normally take on apprentices every year. Future apprentices can feel comfortable with us, as we are training for ourselves and offer…

  • Excellent chances of employment (everybody up to now has been offered a fixed position!)
  • Good professional perspectives (e.g. further training to become a technician) are supported by AS
  • A practical apprenticeship (also with exciting customers on-site)
  • Good success in the apprenticeship
  • Numerous additional training opportunities (SCC, first aid, forklift, crane, etc.)

We are happy to offer work placements for familiarisation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a school work placement or a voluntary work placement in the holidays. If you’d like to learn more about your dream job, apply for a work placement now.

Not really sure what you do in your dream job?

Have a look at the following profiles. We’ve summarised the most important information for you here.

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Industrial clerks

as-drives-Precision Mechanic

Precision mechanic

as-drives-product designer

technical product designer

as-drives-Mechatronics engineer

Mechatronics engineer

as-drives-IT specialist

IT specialist


Our employees are our potential in which we are happy to invest. We therefore offer you:

  • Continuous and sustainable growth
  • Maintaining and expanding employee satisfaction and motivation
  • An enthusiastic team
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Long-term perspective
  • A fair wage
  • Many other benefits

If you are interested in a job with our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our offer to employees

At AS Drives, we do a lot for our employees because we want them to feel comfortable. This is the only way for our colleagues to perform to their best.

We therefore have a large, free recreation and exercise offering: 

  • Company sauna
  • Quiet room with ergonomic loungers
  • Fitness room (including regular training classes with personal trainers)
  • Large rooftop terrace for breaks

And we have even more to offer:

  • Free English classes if required
  • Actively embraced health management
  • Virtually all commercial employees are trained to be first aiders
  • Regular short training sessions known as toolbox meetings ensure higher safety regarding current topics
  • Good personal protective equipment that goes beyond the minimum requirements
  • Comprehensive medical check-ups
  • Health promotion, e.g. company fitness program due to regular participation in the fun run with the company group, cycle race (with our own fleet of bikes) if interested

Additional services

  • Child bonus (50 euro per child per month)
  • Assembly bonuses in addition to the statutory trigger (30 euro per day)
  • Paid travel time when travelling to or from a building site
  • Fuel vouchers for all employees (50 euro per month)
  • (Annual) bonus in addition to your salary
  • Free fruit baskets for all employees twice per week
  • Hot lunch subsidised by AS twice per week
  • Free daily newspaper
  • AS pays for coffee and water dispensers for all employees
  • Contribution to old age pension (the company contributions saved for social insurance are passed on), this would be 20 euro on 100 euro for example
  • Each fitter receives their own high-quality travel case for assembly off the premises
  • Supplements for the leasing rate for e-bikes

we are looking for team players